Summer Pet Safety with Dr. Ruth MacPete

It is the dog days of summer and everything is heating up. It is important to keep a close eye on your pet during the hottest season of the year. Dr. Ruth MacPete, The Pet Vet, discusses how to keep your pet safe and how to avoid pet heat exhaustion this summer with KUSI San Diego.

The Ground is Hot

Something many pet owners may not consider is how hot the pavement can be, which can lead to their pet burning his paws. Dr. Ruth suggests taking your pup out in the morning or evenings, when the pavement isn’t as hot. There are also products, such as dog booties and cooling pads that can be used to keep your dogs paws cool on a hot summer day.

Grilling Dangers

Summertime is great for cookouts, but cookouts are full of potential dangers for your pet. When grilling, remember to keep your pet away from the hot grill, where they may burn themselves. It is also a good idea to keep treats, such as Vita Bone Artisan Inspired Biscuits, on hand. This will keep your pet from begging for foods that can be dangerous for him, such as barbecue chicken, onions, corn cobs, grapes and more, according to Dr. Ruth.

Water Matters

When the temperature is rising, it doesn’t take long for a pet to become dehydrated. Dr. Ruth says you should always have water available when out with your dogs. Whether you are hiking or just running some errands, it is important to help your dog stay hydrated.

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