5 Stages of Owning A Puppy

There are a lot of feelings involved with being a new puppy owner – we think there are five of them. While everyone’s “I-just-got-a-dog” journey is unique, if you’ve ever been a new puppy owner, you may be able to relate to this.

1. Excitement

It’s a special feeling to bring your pup home for the first time. You show ’em their new digs, shower them with new toys, and don’t forget the Vita Bone® biscuits!

2. Regret

Humans value sleep – it’s a scientific fact. Middle-of-the-night puppy howling, snoring, and/or licking doesn’t help that. We feel remorse about our alarms, no matter how cute they are.

3. Frustration

Mess-making is part of any puppy’s DNA. Feeling annoyed about cleaning up messes we didn’t make is part of any human’s DNA. (You do the math.)

4. Bargaining

Puppy training can be hard. Make it easier with Vita Bone® biscuits and positive reinforcement – trust us.

5. Love & Acceptance

After the roller coaster of emotions, one thing remains true: puppy love is real. Becoming a puppy owner is life-changing, life-affirming, incredible and difficult all in one.



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