Best Breeds for Kids

Dogs can be a great addition to a family with kids. From teaching responsibility to being a faithful companion, dogs can make a huge difference in your home. While many breeds can adapt to children, there are some that are better than others. Have you been considering a dog but aren’t sure where to begin? Check out this list of the best dog breeds for kids!

Labrador Retriever

As one of the most popular breeds, it is no surprise that Labs are a great choice for children. Labs are a highly social breed with a loving demeanor. They are loyal and get along with just about everyone, kids and other pets included. They are very high energy and love to play, so they will get along well with active kids.

Golden Retriever

Another favorite in the United States, Golden Retrievers are known as great family dogs. They are quick learners and enjoy being active. Playtime is key to keeping these pups happy, perfect for a family full of active little ones. Their companionship and loyalty are unmatched.


Not only are Beagles adorable and friendly, they thrive on companionship and attention. If you have a kiddo who wants to spend hours on end cuddling and playing with a pup, a Beagle is a great choice. Their need for attention makes them great for families.


Looking for a giant cuddle buddy? Check out a Newfoundland. Tipping the scales at 100 to 150 pounds, they are best suited for larger homes with plenty of outdoor space to play. They are known for their patience and sweet temperament, giving them the reputation of being “nanny dogs” and making them perfect for families with children.


Looking for a dog for slightly older children? A Boxer could be a good fit. Boxers are protective around children and have a patient nature, but they also enjoy play. Boxer puppies love to jump, so they may be best suited for bigger kids, but with training and love they make a great family pet.


Known for their devoted and patient demeanor, Bulldogs are sure to be affectionate towards kids. They handle rough housing well and get along with other pets and strangers, too. They are perfect for a busy, social family.

This list is just the beginning when it comes to kid-friendly breeds. The most important things to consider when looking for a family pup are their temperament, patience and ability to adapt. Kids can be unpredictable when playing with pets, so it is important to look for breeds that can handle a little rough housing without becoming rough themselves.

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