Preparing your Pet for Memorial Day

Memorial Day is just around the corner, which means barbecues, pool openings, fireworks and a lot of fun. It also means there are more reasons to keep a close eye on your dog. While it is fun to celebrate with friends, it is also important to prepare your pet for what the weekend brings. These quick reminders will help you keep an eye on your dog as you both enjoy the holiday weekend.

Keep a water bowl and shaded area close by

Memorial Day is the first holiday of summer, which means it can be quite hot. Dogs can easily overheat, which is why you should ensure they have access to water and shade throughout the day. If your pet seems to be overheating, get him inside and let him cool off.

Protect them from fireworks

The loud bang of a firework is enough to scare your dog, and it is a good idea to keep them away from the sparks and debris. Most dogs do not like loud noises due to their acute hearing. Keeping them in the house away from the noise and fire is the best way to ensure their safety.

Watch them closely near water

Like humans, dogs love to swim and are at risk of drowning if not closely monitored. Even if your pet is a swimming prodigy, you still need to be aware of the changing water conditions and keep a close eye on them.

Be cautious of table scraps

A barbecue with family and friends is a staple of Memorial Day weekend. Whether you are grilling chicken or throwing some corn on the grill, be careful of the scraps your pet gets ahold of. Giving your dog leftover bones can lead to weight gain and some table scraps may also be toxic for dogs or could pose as a potential choking hazard. Give your dog Vita Bone Artisan Inspired Biscuits in BBQ Chicken & Sweet Potato flavor so they can enjoy the barbecue too.

Consider keeping them on a leash

Many dangers can be avoided if your pet is on a leash. They will still be able to enjoy the outdoors and company, but will be less likely to get into something that could harm them. It will also keep them from wandering away when near a distraction.


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