Should I Adopt a Puppy or an Adult Dog?

As you begin your search for your new companion, it is normal to be uncertain of exactly what you are looking for. It often comes down to the dog you are most drawn to when you are in a shelter or pet store. While there is some unpredictability, you can make important decisions beforehand to help. One of the biggest things to consider is the age of the dog you are looking for. While puppies are popular, they may also require more attention upfront than an older dog. At the same time, older dogs may have had experiences in the past that require more care and consideration. There are a number of factors to consider when deciding if you want a puppy or adult dog.


Training needs vary no matter the age of the dog, but it is more common for puppies to need more extensive training. Older dogs have likely had some training or experience with following directions. If you are ready to spend time working on house training and following directions, you will be okay adopting a puppy. While house training may still be necessary with an older dog, it may not take as long, and they have more mature bladders that will help them hold it longer.

Medical Needs

It is hard to predict the future when it comes to your pet’s health. While you may not be able to know exactly what the future holds, puppies are less likely to have any serious medical needs early on. Older dogs may have more health concerns that require more frequent vet care. If you are looking to save on medical costs in the beginning, a puppy may be a better fit. Puppies will likely have other medical costs such as vaccinations and spaying or neutering, but they may not be as expensive.

Energy Level

Older dogs may not be as high energy as puppies. If you are looking for a dog that enjoys being a little lazy, an older dog might be best. Puppies are more likely to be energetic and do best in homes where they can run around and wear themselves out. If you are looking for an older dog that still has a lot of energy, try to find one under the age of two.

Unconditional Love

The one thing you can count on with both puppies and adult dogs is the unconditional love they will give you. No matter the age, your dog will be excited for you to come home and ready to snuggle the second you sit down. Dogs are great companions, young or old. Whether you choose an adult or a puppy, you can feel good knowing you have found a companion for life.

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