Signs of a Pet Partner- Can Your Animal Comfort Others?

Pet owners know that animals bring much-needed comfort without asking for anything in return. They wait at the door for you, cuddle with you and even protect you. Pet Partners, an organization connecting people with therapeutic animals, knows the joy an animal can bring, and getting your pet involved is simple. Do you think your animal could bring comfort to those in need?

Check out these four signs to see if you and your pet can work with Pet Partners to help others.

    1. Your dog welcomes new situations

      Your pet enjoys new people and situations and is well-behaved in unfamiliar situations. They are not scared around noises or crowds and welcome people of all ages, races and genders.

    2. Your dog is well-behaved when touched

      They enjoy being petted and are able to be greeted and hugged without jumping, cowering, barking or biting. They appreciate the attention of others and would be okay with being touched by others.

    3. Your dog enjoys (or at least tolerates) grooming

      Your pet can tolerate grooming well and would not mind being bathed, clipped or brushed. They would be okay with being groomed in preparation for visits.

    4. Your dog follows species-appropriate commands

      Your pet knows how to sit, stay and perform other species-appropriate commands. They listen even when there are distractions around them, do not pick up interesting items when told not to and tolerate being on a leash.

No animal is perfect when it comes to following directions and remaining calm, but if your pet exhibits a majority of these behaviors, they may be a great therapy animal. Therapy animals are not just dogs either. Cats, horses, rabbits, pigs, birds, llamas and alpacas, guinea pigs and rats are all eligible for evaluation in the Pet Partners program.  

Take the Pet Partners quiz to find out if you and your pet might be eligible to volunteer!



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