Swimming Safety

By Steve Dale

Make A Splash!

It’s summertime and the temps are high. It’s extremely important to stay cool and avoid putting your pup at risk of dehydration. Many dogs love cooling off in pools or other bodies of water. Whether your dog is an experienced diver or has never been in water, we need to ensure our four-legged friends are safe.

If you’re hanging around the yard, a plastic kiddie pool is a safe (and fun!) place for a dog to keep cool. A pool with only about a foot of water is a refreshing alternative for dogs who lack advanced swimming skills. This way, your dog can cool off and splash around without worrying about deep waters or a current.

Precautionary Measures

If your dog likes to swim in larger bodies of water, it’s important to remember that even expert swimmers can’t swim forever. Dogs who can’t find their way out of large swimming pools can drown, so it’s crucial to establish an easy exit route from the water. If your dog will be swimming in a deep pool, lake or river, a canine life jacket should be considered.

A life jacket for dogs will keep them floating, as well as make them easier to spot in the water if they go overboard. If your dog seems to be resisting a life vest, make sure to treat extra Vita Bone® biscuits while you’re putting the jacket on so that the experience is associated with something yummy and positive!


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