Using Lil’ Trainers: The Sit Command

By Steve Dale

The sit command is one of the most fundamental training exercises you can teach your dog. This can be crucial in many situations, especially in public or when other people are around. September is Responsible Dog Ownership Month. Check out what Steve Dale has to say about training, and specifically teaching sit, using positive reinforcement. This training method is proven to teach dogs to repeat good behavior, knowing that a reward is coming. Sometimes that reward is verbal praise, sometimes it’s a yummy treat – many times, it’s both!

Why Lil’ Trainers?

At only 5 calories per treat, Lil’ Trainers™ are the perfect training treat. Positive reinforcement means constantly rewarding good behavior, so instead of giving dogs a bigger savory treat every time – which won’t be good for their waistline – break up the already smaller Lil’ Trainers™ so there will be no guilt and all the good behavior.

These treats are made in the USA, and every bag has 5 different flavors! The variety will keep your dog on his toes to see what yummy taste will be next!

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