12 Months, 12 Activities with Your Dog

2020 is here and the year is sure to be busy for everyone, but it is still important to spend quality time with your dog. Setting up time every month to do something fun is a great way to make your pup feel loved. 

January – Have a movie night at home. Since it is probably cold outside, head to Netflix and watch your favorite Fido flick. Snuggle up on the couch and watch away. 

February – No plans for Valentine’s Day? Buy your pup a special treat and spend some quality time hanging out and playing. 

March – This month is a great time to get outside and explore. The weather is starting to warm up, but isn’t too hot. Take a walk around your neighborhood and let your dog sniff around. 

April – Spring is here and it’s the perfect time for an impromptu photo shoot with your dog. Whether you hire someone or just snap some photos on your phone, you’re sure to have fun and get some great shots. 

May – Teach your dog a new trick. Once he has mastered it, celebrate with a few treats.

June – Celebrate Father’s Day with a DNA test for your dog. Learn more about his breed and find out what makes him unique. 

July – Summer is here. If you are looking for a way to cool off, head to the local dog beach or see if your local pool has a dog’s day at the pool event. 

August – End your summer strong with a doggy camping trip. Head to your favorite spot and go for a hike, then spend the night under the stars. 

September – Play fetch in the yard with a football, then go inside and watch your favorite team win. Don’t forget your dog’s favorite snack. 

October – Get crafty and make your dog a Halloween costume. He may not want to wear it for too long, but you might be lucky enough to catch a few photos. 

November – Donate your time to a local dog shelter. Then come home and share the love with your pup. 

December – Get your holiday baking supplies and bake homemade dog treats with your pup.

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