Best Breeds for Travelers

As someone who is traveling a lot, it may seem difficult to find time for a pet. While constant travel might make it harder, there are some breeds that might work for you. There is no substitute for quality time at home, but the following breeds do great on the road. 

Boston Terriers

Being adaptable is an important quality for a dog that will be traveling often, and a Boston Terrier is the right dog for the job! Boston Terriers thrive in new environments, making them a good friend for someone on the go. 

Australian Shepherds 

Australian Shepherds are intelligent and easy to train, making them good travel companions. They also love to be active and enjoy adventure. If you are looking for a dog to take off the beaten path, an Austrailian Shepherd would be great. 

Labrador Retrievers 

Aussies aren’t the only adventure lovers. Labs also make great adventure buddies, with their sweet, loyal and energetic attitudes. While they probably don’t love being stuck on an airplane, they love to ride in cars. 


Looking for a pup that won’t shed all over the seats? A Boxer could be the one for you. Along with little shedding, Boxers are travel friendly and are great with children. So, if you are loading your kids up for a weekend away, don’t forget to bring your Boxer. 


A small dog is perfect for people who are always traveling. Chihuahuas make great travel companions because of their size and low-maintenance exercise needs. Plus, you can put them in a carrier when you’re in a busy area.  


Daschunds are a friendly, curious breed. They are also adventurous and willing to try new things. They love to spend time with their owners, and their small size makes them easy to carry around, either on a plane or in a car.  

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