Best Indoor Breeds for the Homebody

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to spend most of your time at home. And just because you prefer being indoors, doesn’t mean you can’t have a pet. There are many dogs that do great inside. Of course, they will still need to be let out and should get some outdoor exercise every day, but these breeds can be inside most of the day and live very happy lives! 


Pugs are loving and attentive and have an overall good temperament. While some pugs are prone to barking, they can be trained and do well indoors. They are curious and can keep themselves busy without needing too much time outside. And best of all, they are small, usually weighing no more than 14 to 18 pounds, making them perfect for smaller homes. 

Basset Hounds

With their sleepy eyes and huge ears, it’s no surprise Basset Hounds prefer to be indoors. They are easy to house train and often only want to go outside when they need to go to the bathroom. Their loyal attitude will make them great snugglers too! 


Mastiffs are big. We know. But with adequate space, they make great indoor dogs. Because they are heavy, they get plenty of exercise walking up and down stairs and around the house. The rest of the time, they do great just lying around. If you want a gentle giant, a Mastiff may be your breed! 


Basenjis is fun to say. But that’s not the best thing about them. Basenjis are known for being “barkless”, which makes them great if you have close neighbors. They also don’t get bigger than 25 pounds, making them a good size for indoors. But be careful, if left alone for too long, they can be mischievous. 


A greyhound may seem like an unlikely companion for a homebody, but they make surprisingly good inside pets. They do need a daily walk, but otherwise can do fine in a small home or even apartment. Their friendly nature and calm demeanor are perfect for someone who likes to stay home. 

There are many other dogs that do well spending a majority of their time indoors. But while they may prefer to stay on the couch, it is important to take them out at least once a day for exercise. If you want a dog that will want to stay in with you when everyone else goes out, find a dog like the ones above. 

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