Give Back During Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

Did you know October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month? Yep, an entire month is dedicated to taking home dogs and giving them a new home and a fresh start. Many dogs in shelters have experienced neglect from previous owners, which has led to them being placed in a shelter. As more dogs are neglected or left, shelters begin to fill up. While you may not have the ability to take in another pet at this time, there are still many ways to give back for Adopt a Shelter Dog Month that can really make a difference for pups in need.


Animal shelters are often in need of money to help cover the cost of daily operations, supplies, staff training, animal housing and more. Whether you choose to give a monetary donation, or bring in some pet food and other supplies, every donation will make a big impact on the animals in need.


Volunteering with your local animal shelter or rescue organization is another great option for giving back. Call your local shelter to ask what projects or tasks they might need help with. Everything from walking dogs to cleaning cages can help shelters that might be low on staff and budget.

Share on Social

Bringing awareness to pets available for adoption can help clear out the shelters and make way for new animals who might be in need. Follow your local shelter on Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms and make a point to share posts about pets available for adoption or volunteer opportunities.

Become a Foster Pet Parent

While you may not want to commit to a pet in the long term, there is always opportunities to foster pets in need. Fostering pets in your home until they are adopted can help keep them out of shelters and make them feel more comfortable. If you already have pets, it can also give them a companion to play with!

These are just a few ways you can help during Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, without actually adopting a pet. The first step is simply asking shelters what they might need and how you can help. So, get out there and help some pets in need this October!

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