How to Stop your Dog from Digging

By Steve Dale

There is nothing more frustrating than when you spend all afternoon working in your yard, just for your dog to come out and dig holes through all your hard work. Dogs are diggers by nature, and whether they are creating a softer nesting place, burying their Vita Bone Artisan Inspired Biscuit or entertaining themselves, it seems like some just can’t get enough. While it may be in their nature, dogs can be trained to stop digging, but only if you are there to supervise. These tips can help you keep your yard intact and your pup out of the mud.

Play with him

The more playtime and exercise your dog gets, the less likely he might be to dig. If you are outside playing fetch with him, he will be too distracted to think about digging up your tulips. It’s impossible to chase a ball and to dig at the same time.

Take him for more walks

Your dog might be digging out of boredom. The best way to combat that is to take him for more walks, giving him the opportunity to explore more spaces than just the backyard, and simultaneously removing opportunities to spend time alone in the yard. You can’t ask a dog to stop doing something if no adult is there to supervise.

Deter him from digging in his favorite place

If your dog is repeatedly digging in a certain area, there are different ways to deter him from that area. You can bury strong-smelling or uncomfortable-feeling objects such as small rocks, citrus peels or vinegar, for example.

Create a digging friendly play area

If you can’t beat them, join them. Allow a space that is intentionally designed for your dog to dig. A sandbox is a great place to let your dog release all his digging needs without harming your yard. Spend time training your dog, so he knows where he can and cannot dig, encouraging him to dig in “this spot,” by burying a Kong with a yummy Vita Bone Artisan Inspired Biscuit. Do this several times in a row, and your dog will dig for it every time.

Keep your dog cool

Overheating can be a cause of digging in dogs. If your dog is overheated, he may try to dig down to cooler soil in order to combat the heat, and then just lay in the dirt. The best way to prevent this is to keep your dog inside on extremely hot days and make sure he has plenty of water to drink.


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