How to Stop Your Dog from Jumping

By Steve Dale

For many dogs, jumping might seem like the nicest way to greet a guest and welcome them into their home. Whether they are over excited, waiting to devour their Vita Bone Artisan Inspired Biscuit or ready to play, jumping is how they express themselves. A face-to-face greeting is one way dogs say ‘hi,’ however the only way for a dog to reach our faces is to jump. When they are puppies, jumping might seem cute, but it could eventually lead to your full-size pup knocking someone over. So how do you train your dog to stop jumping? Check out these simple tips.

Manage the situation

It is important to control your dog so that he cannot jump on others. Continuing management techniques until your dog is fully trained is the first step in keeping him from jumping every time he gets excited. A few ways to manage your dog when there are guests or you are busy include:

  • Putting him in a crate
  • Confining him to another room
  • Keeping him on a leash


Teaching your dog that he will not receive attention for jumping on you or others is important. By teaching your dog other cues in conjunction with jumping, you can manage him in a situation where he may be inclined to jump. “Sit” is the best example. If your dog’s rear-end is on the ground, he can’t possibly be jumping.

Consistency is key

In order for training to be effective, everyone in the family must be consistent. If one family member lets the dog jump up, he will think it is okay to do it in other scenarios as well. This will make it harder to completely train him.

Make it clear you don’t tolerate jumping

The best way to tell your dog to stop, is to completely ignore the behavior. If your dog jumps, turn your back or ask your guest to do so. Practice giving minimal attention to your dog until four paws are on the floor, and eventually, your dog should give up on the idea of jumping. If grandma or small children are visiting, don’t take a chance that they might get knocked down – keep your pup on a leash, and offer something perhaps even better than saying “hi,” like a Vita Bone Artisan Inspired Biscuit stuffed into a Kong or another toy.


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