How to Use Snacking to Bond with your Dog

Whether you are with your friends, family or even your dog, sharing a snack is a chance to spend time together. While you may not be able to eat the same thing, you can certainly share quality time to bond with your dog. Pick your favorite snack and grab some Vita Bone Artisan Inspired biscuits for your dog, then, check out this list!

  1. Watch a movie – Pick out your favorite pup-inspired movie and hang out on the couch with your dog. Grab a bowl of popcorn for yourself and break his biscuit into pieces so they last longer. 
  2. Go to the park – Take your snacks on the go and head to the park. You can pack a blanket and turn it into a picnic. After you eat, play some fetch to bond and work off the snacks. 
  3. Make a game out of it – Turn snack time into playtime. Challenge your dog to find his snacks. It’s not only good for his belly, but also for his mind. Check out this article for some games you can try. 
  4. A chance to train – Another way to use snacking as a bonding opportunity is through training. Break a few biscuits into small pieces and work on your favorite tricks. It is a chance for your dog to snack, while also being productive. Looking for a unique trick? Check out this article

These are just a few ways to use snacking as a bonding opportunity with your pup. When snacking with your dog, keep in mind the nutrition guidelines on the package. Just like humans, too many snacks can lead to extra weight in the future. 

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