How to Make Snacking Healthy for Your Dog

Everyone loves a good snack, including our four-legged friends. But too many snacks, especially unhealthy options, can be bad for your pet’s health. It’s important to understand the nutritional guidelines for your pup’s favorite snacks before accidentally allowing him to overindulge and upset his stomach.

Make snacking a special activity

When snacking becomes a habit, it’s easy for your pet to start gaining weight. Snacking should be a special chance for you and your pet to bond, not something that happens all the time. Once or twice a day, find time to share a snack with your pup. Break his favorite biscuits into pieces and give them to him as you watch a movie or cuddle on the couch. 

Read the label

Not all snacks are made equal. There are some dog biscuits that are better for your dog than others, which is why it is important to read nutrition labels and understand serving sizes. For example, Vita Bone lists the following information for its Artisan Inspired Biscuits in Maple, Bacon and Blueberry flavor: 

Serving- Feed as a snack or treat as part of a healthy diet. We recommend one biscuit per 10 pounds of your dog’s body weight per day. 

Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein (min) – 14% 

Crude Fat (min) – 5%

Crude Fiber (max) – 4%

Moisture (max) – 10%

Calorie count- 62 kcal per biscuit

Give him a balanced diet 

Snacking should be in addition to your dog’s normal mealtimes. It should not replace your dog’s food. While snacks are delicious and fun to eat, they do not provide all of the necessary nutrients to help your dog live a happy and healthy life. Follow your vet’s recommendations regarding both feeding and snacking to ensure your pet has a balanced diet. 

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