Ways to Bond with your New Dog

The bond between a dog and his human is often unmatched. In fact, most people are drawn to dogs for that very reason. It is a bond that forms quickly after they meet but is something that has to be built from the very beginning. From playing and fun to training and rewards, there are a number of ways to grow a strong bond with your pup.

Spend quality time together

The best way to bond with your new pup is to spend time together. Whether you want to cuddle up on the couch or rough house on the floor, giving attention and quality time to your new dog will make him feel welcome and loved. By giving your dog positive attention, you will strengthen your bond.

Work on training

Positive reinforcement training is another way to build a strong bond with your pet. When you first bring him home, he won’t know the rules and what behavior is expected. By working on training, you are establishing yourself as an authority figure, while also spending quality time with your dog. Don’t forget to reward his positive behaviors as you train.

Exercise with your dog

Dogs need plenty of exercise, which can be another chance for you to bond. Everything from fetch to frisbee will help you and your dog get active together. Helping them explore the neighborhood on a walk is another way to actively bond. This helps them become familiar with their surroundings and grow to love their new home even more.

Be patient and consistent

New dogs need stability in their routine to get used to their new environment. It is also important to be patient when working on training and acclimating your pup. The more patient and understanding you are, the more likely your dog is to see you as a positive figure in his life. If he views your interactions positively, he will want to continue strengthening your bond.

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