Ways to Bond With Your Dog During the Holidays

The holiday season is busy and usually requires a lot of time away from home. Between shopping, parties, family gatherings and more, you are likely to spend less time at home during December. And while you may not mind, your pup is likely to notice your absence. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t celebrate. In fact, there are a number of ways to spend quality time with your dog during the holidays, so he doesn’t feel left out when you go to your fifth gathering of the season. 

Take a walk to look at lights

Holiday lights aren’t just for human eyes. Your dog is likely to be intrigued by all the new sights and sounds coming from the neighborhood in December. Rather than keeping him indoors, take him for a long walk around the neighborhood to explore. Just remember to check the temperature and don’t go out if it’s too cold. 

Watch your favorite holiday movie

If it’s too cold outside, snuggle up on the couch with your pup and put on your favorite movie. Whether it’s The Santa Claus or A Christmas Story, your dog will love to spend quality time hanging out. 

Take him on a shopping trip

While you can’t take your pup into every store, there are certain stores that allow dogs (i.e. pet and hardware stores). If you have an errand to run at a place your pet can join, take him with. Not only does it give him some time out of the house with you, but also a chance to burn off some energy. 

Try out a new dog park 

Take advantage of an unseasonably warm day and head over to a new dog park with your four-legged friend. Or try out the new trend and go to a dog bar, where your pup can run around and you can grab a bite to eat or a drink. 

Most importantly, remember to be attentive when you are home 

Your dog is likely used to you being gone a lot, with work and other activities keeping you busy. But it’s especially important during the holidays to give your dog a little extra love. This makes the days where you are gone a little easier for your pup and will help keep him active during a time where physical activity may be less frequent. 

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